Visual facilitation uses creativity to lead groups and individuals towards a shared goal. It is a powerful tool commonly used in meetings, seminars, workshops, conferences and projects. The visual process addresses the need to bring purpose and motivation to even the most rational of discussions, in order for people to change the way they think and act. …You’ll be in good company.


Live-scribing is the use of one of our creative professionals to capture discussions and transform it into a rich picture or tangible model. Live-scribing helps to bring conferences, meetings and discussions to life, while also providing a simple visual record of the discussion. The benefits include:

  • Making discussions and events more engaging

  • Helping participants internalise key concepts

  • Providing a visual record of key discussions

  • Allowing for social media to amplify the value of discussions and experts.


In business, the need to convey complex information in creative, engaging and simplified ways is fundamental. Creative models are a powerful way to simplify information and reach people on a human level. We help structure and visualise information that;

  • Simplifies complex strategies, transformations and products

  • Supports change, touches people emotionally and ‘cuts-through’.

  • Enables concepts to be communicated to large audiences.


The demand to execute projects in new, innovative ways is rapidly increasing. Creating a design home for project team members and senior executives in a crisp, visual and meaningful way is powerful stuff. We assist in creating the optimal environment to deliver projects, by:

  • Creating bespoke visual projects spaces

  • Designing dashboards and interactive plans

  • Visualising key project artefacts (e.g. end-state visions, journeys, contextual landscapes)


We are market leaders in training all of the above skills