University of New South Wales (UNSW)

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"This methodology has unlocked incredible ideas and new ways of working amongst our community, in a way that was positive and productive.”
- Fiona Docherty, Vice-President External Relations, UNSW Sydney


Between 2016 – 2017 TwoCollaborate designed, built and managed a codesign and transformation space at UNSW – ‘the LaunchPad’. UNSW is currently undertaking a highly ambitious transformation to reinvent itself by 2025. UNSW is investing approximately $3B in this highly complex transformation agenda. The role of LaunchPad environment was to create a physical home for change in which we provided a mechanism to engage staff, customers and vendors more effectively. 

The LaunchPad enabled project and program delivery, act as a knowledge exchange to leverage from existing project experience and artefacts, align projects and stakeholders, accelerate system delivery, accelerate procurement, help mitigate risks, provide alignment between in-flight projects, support work place change, and provide a new  contemporary way of working to staff.

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Our Approach

UNSW was committed to embracing new ways of working and demonstrating its ability to change from within. The creation of the LaunchPad space was about giving transformation and project delivery both a physical and symbolic home. The mandate of the LaunchPad was to seek out and improve the speed of delivery of critical projects, but also critically to improve the quality of stakeholder engagement and involvement in the support of better solutions, and more meaningful organisational adoption. 

Our approach included:

  • Designing and building out a physical space (quickly and cheaply)

  • Running 600+ co-design workshops and another 900+ outcome driven interventions

  • Engaging over 2000 people such as students, researchers and staff, as well as vendors, consultants, industry partners and alliances

  • Enabling 80+ projects and providing ongoing support to 20+ mission critical ongoing programs

  • Creating a knowledge exchange for people, projects and divisions to learn, leverage and share great work done

Our projects covered:

  • Strategy development

  • Customer experience

  • Program acceleration / transformation enablement

  • IT System - design and build

  • Prototyping websites, software applications and frameworks

  • Requirement gathering and validation

  • Industry engagement (Sandpits)

  • Procurement acceleration

  • Outsourcing application management

  • People and culture related activities

  • Customer services design & service catalogue development

  • Operational improvement (Finance, Marketing & Communications)

  • Innovation, research and industry engagement

Our work with the University of New South Wales continues.


In our client’s words:

“UNSW Sydney is currently undergoing a highly ambitious 10-year transformation agenda to become ‘Australia’s Global University’; a tremendously exciting, once in a generation venture. TwoCollaborate were engaged from 2016 to help our transformation by developing and supporting the University’s collaboration capability. 
Over an 18-month period, TwoCollaborate built and operated a highly valued innovation centre, ‘the Launchpad’. This was used to accelerate a wide range of strategic programs such as technology improvement, process optimisation and customer (student) engagement. 

TwoCollaborate were excellent to work with and demonstrated a deep-expertise of organisational change and project acceleration. In the process, UNSW was able to develop its own collaboration capability and infrastructure, with TwoCollaborate continuing to support us on that journey. 

This methodology has unlocked incredible ideas and new ways of working amongst our community, in a way that was positive and productive. We achieved ‘break-through’ thinking based on the approach taken by TwoCollaborate and would recommend them as positive partners in change.”

Fiona Docherty
Vice-President External Relations, UNSW Sydney

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