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UNSW’s AGSM Launches Leading Digital Transformation Course

June 2019

UNSW is launching a new program to help senior leaders better understand the coming impact of Digital Transformation.

Sanjay, from TwoCollaborate will be acting as co-Program Director. Find out more about this outstanding learning opportunity here.


TwoCollaborate Run MasterClass

January 2019.

The latest TwoCollaborate masterclass has just been wrapped up, it’s been a huge success. The feedback we’ve received from the participants has been outstanding.

It’s been an amazing opportunity to reflect, discover and play. The next session is planned for June 2019 - register your interest at


Minister for Innovation Matt Kean joins the BBIP Forum

The BBIP (boosting business innovation program), is an initiative that is designed to help industry, Government and research come together to create and stronger future NSW industry.

Hosted at CSIRO Sydney, the forum was an incredible showcase of emerging technology and thought leadership.


Pama Future goes from Strength to Strength.

TwoCollaborate has been supporting Indigenous strategy for a number of years. In 2018 and 2017, TwoCollaborate were privileged to help design and facilitate the Cape York Summits, supporting the Cape York Partnership and other local organisations.

The forums have been an amazing platform form local leaders to have their say, and to help forward the Cape York agenda. As a result the progress made by the people of Cape York has been quite amazing, and many positive stories are covered in the media.

Read more at the Pama Futures website.


Minister Nail Blair Joins the Discussion on Creating a Stronger NSW Defence Industry

Defence NSW exists to support and promote the local Defence industry. Bringing more jobs to NSW and helping to bolster our local economy.

TwoCollaborate recently joined the Minister Blair for a lively debate on helping local industry come together to do more as a community.

Read more about Defence NSW here.


TwoCollaborate Supports the Empowered Communities Initiative in the Kimberly

March, 2018

TwoCollaborate works regularly with different Indigenous organisations, helping support them to drive real change, on the ground in their own communities.

We’re always grateful when our friends in the North invite us to be a small part of one of their conversations. We try to take the opportunity to discover some of the country while we are there.


UNSW Big Collaborative Plans.

February, 2017.

TwoCollaborate features in CIO magazine, sharing some of the thinking that sat behind the 18 month innovation space called the ‘Launchpad’. The Launchpad was a strategic design function that was used to accelerate technical and non-technical projects.

Supporting over 20 programs and delivering in excess of 100o facilitated events, the Launchpad delivered new ways of working and helped shift mindsets.