Co-Design, Workshops & Consulting

We bring process and acceleration to a wide range of organisational challenges. This ranges from many varied project related topics, to strategy development, procurement activities, organisation-wide topics such as annual operating plans, leadership and culture, innovation and new product development.

Our approach takes careful consideration of the stakeholder environment, and focuses on very specific deliverables, which are identified as we step you through a structure process.

  • Strategy

  • Leadership & Culture

  • Operations & Efficiency

  • Customer-Centricity

  • Project/Transformation Acceleration

  • IT System design/planning

  • Accelerated Procurement

  • UX & Service Design

  • SandPit (cross industry engagements)

  • DesignLabs

β€œIn all cases I have found the approach valuable, not only in terms of the solutions that we could reach quickly and collaboratively, but also in the extremely efficient use of time to minimise the costs of preparation to the team; and to be efficient and respectful of the time of all participants.” 

Frieda Maher
PVC (Students) and Registrar, Internal Contractor for CRM, UNSW