"The summits are about being empowered, having our communities prosper and enabling economic development so we can bring a brighter future to our grandchildren and their children.”
- Fiona Jose, CEO Cape York Partnership



In late 2017, a number of entities came together from across Cape York to rally around a new willingness to empower local communities, and work together to put Indigenous leaders back in the driving seat for setting strategic direction and funding. The previous Cape York agenda, had focused on accelerating the outcomes of land rights, empowerment and economic development. This continuation of the discussion, aimed to accelerated and further focus the alignment of Government and community in its support of outcomes. 

The communities that live across the Cape are geographically dispersed and the ability to come together a whole community are both rare and precious. The Cape York Agenda 2.0 brought the whole of the Cape together for a single discussion about the future. 

TwoCollaborate worked closely with Cape York Land Council, local leaders and experts in the strategy development field to design and run a series of large scale codesign interventions. Starting with a series of large-scale community consultations underpinned by a rigorous planning including the onboarding of local community members, and finally culminating with 400 person cross-cape leadership summit. TwoCollaborate also provided assistance with bringing the final Ministerial submission to life in an engaging way.

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Our approach
The Cape York Agenda 2.0 (now called Pama Futures) is all about putting communities back in the driving-seat, so that they can take control of their own futures. Our approach to the work we did up north was to take a highly leader-led approach. Meaning, that we focused our support on setting local leaders up for success to drive the program and interventions themselves.
In practise, that means providing clear structure and frameworks, providing local leader support, and where appropriate getting the hell out of the way, so a lot of passionate people can get one with moving the discussion forward.
Our approach included:

  • A highly structured approach to aligning stakeholder organisations, including complex arbitration

  • The design and management of a series local leader alignment discussions

  • Facilitation of three, 100-person Design Labs

  • A 400 Person, cross-community summit

  • Creating a pop-up working project environment

  • Helping to bring the ministerial submission to life through creative support

In our client’s words:

“In the second half of 2017 we resolved to renew and update our reform agenda for the First Nations of Cape York Peninsula.  After 27 years, it was time for what we called the Cape York Agenda to move to another phase.  This new agenda we call Cape York Agenda 2.0.
Our challenge was to co-design the new agenda with the First Nations of a very remote region as large as the state of Victoria.  Hundreds of traditional owners, community leaders and many organisations needed to be brought together.  The challenge was logistically, intellectually, politically and culturally challenging.
We asked Sanjay and his team from TwoCollaborate to help us.  They helped to facilitate design lab process that engaged all of the 12 subregional communities of Cape York, which then culminated in a three day summit held in Cairns.  The process was demanding and challenging.

TwoCollaborate were brilliant.  They were the perfect partner for us, helping advise and facilitate, gaining the trust of our people, and their attention to detail, the ambience they create in the labs and at the summit, all helped bring all of our mobs together to design and endorse our agenda for the next phase.
I do not hesitate to recommend Sanjay and his TwoCollaborate team."

Noel Pearson
Indigenous Leader