About Us

We have held leadership positions at top-tier consulting firms. We have worked in over 15 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, China, India and where we now call home – Australia.

We believe in excellence, authenticity and the power of any group to achieve amazing things given the right support. We’re a boutique firm, but we’re lucky to work with a wide range of incredible clients and some of Australia’s most iconic organisations. We have operated at the highest levels of the public, private and social sectors.

We are skilled in a range of consulting and design methods that have been practiced globally for over 40 years. Our experience includes; 2000+ collaborative events, 20+ collaboration environments, 40+ years’ experience, an extended network of 90+ contractors and ability to quickly bring the right tools & equipment for any type of client challenge. Don’t take the website’s word for it though - get in contact.